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When the Endless Workouts are No longer Giving you the Results

 I help women hop off the endless hamster wheel of dieting, over-eating and over-exercising. You really can obtain the effortless lean figure you’ve wanted and get you life back outside of the gym. With me by your side, you’ll learn to make your rules, your way and under your terms. 

What is Hop off the Wheel Coaching?

I spent so many years, almost 15 years, doing so much cardio and working out all of the time and never quite getting the results I wanted. Now, at 48 and after having two kids, I’m slimmer than I was in high-school, eating more and better foods, and working out so much less. I work with my clients to show them how.  My program isn’t about giving you a meal plan or a structured exercise regimen. If you’re like I was, you’ve probably already tried those. You’ve tried a gazillion of those. Instead, we work together to find a way to eat and move your body that works for you and works into your life–the life you want to live. If you’re interested in finding out more, book a free consultation.

What I Offer


I work with my clients on finding a way of eating that works for them, their tastes and their lifestyle as well as their goals.  I don’t give my clients a meals plan, calorie limits or macro targets.  I also don’t give them a list of forbidden foods or tell them what they can or cannot eat.  I personally found that eating a low carb high fat diet worked for me, allowed my body to heal as well as slim down, but I work with my clients to find what works for them.  This isn’t Keto-coaching. You get to eat whatever you want, when you want to eat and even how much. Consider me the knowledgeable angel on your shoulder.

Ending Emotional Eating

Once you stop with the restrictive diet based on someone else’s rules, you may still find yourself eating more than is alligned with your goals or body’s needs. Once you stop the grueling workout schedule, you may find yourself filling all of that time up with extra snacking or other negative habits. For those of us who have become accustomed to a constant ‘diet’ lifestyle, we find ourselves susceptible to emotionally eating beyond our bodies’ needs and keeping us from reaching our physical goals. I help my clients understand and control this common response to hopping off the diet exercise wheel.  

Live a Life of Engagement

Once you get off the hamster wheel of counting calories and cardio, what will you do with all of that time you now have?  What is it that you want? That you think you can’t have? Or that you’re afraid to have? The hamster wheel is not only keeping you stuck on the treadmill and the scale, it’s keeping you stuck in a life of disengagement.  What does a life of engagement look like? Imagine the possibilities. I’ll help you get there.


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