Megan Green Hop Off the Wheel

My Story

I was working out hours every day

I spent so many years working out two, sometimes three or four, hours every day. This was while I was a practicing attorney. I was trying so desperately to lose those last 15 pounds.  To fit it all in, I limited my social life, avoided dating, quit jobs, ruined relationships and basically put my life on hold, just to manage my weight which, despite all of that effort and constant exercise, was still 15 pounds over my ideal weight.  

How I Finally Got Results

Now, at 48 and with two kids and living my happily ever after, I’m slimmer than I was in high-school, eating more and without all of the drama of counting (calories, Points, macros) and doing Pilates 5 times a week.  I’m no longer a slave to the treadmill, the gym, or the meal plans that left me so hungry.

I use my knowledge of nutrition –a degree (B.S.) in Nutritional Science as well as 20 plus years of trying every diet under the sun — my training as a certified Pilates Instructor, and my own inner work after so many years of struggling, to help my clients finally achieve the both results they can see in the mirror AND in living a life outside of the gym. 

If you’re ready to start living a deliberate and engaged life off the cardio hamster wheel while still achieving the sleek and lean figure you desire, reach out and connect with me about my Lean in Less Program.

B.S. Nutritional Sciences, Kansas State Universtiy

Certified Life and Weight Coach, The Life Coach School

Advanced Certification, Jody Moore Coaching

Certified Pilates Instructor

Recovered Cardio Addict


Jody Moore Advanced Certification

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