Does your work or your career get in the way of your workouts? Or is it the opposite for you?

For many, COVID brought one huge benefit–working from home—and more working out. Showing up at the “office” (a/k/a your bedroom) at 9, maybe not yet even showered.  Taking another run over lunch.  Sneaking off of the Slack channel at 2:00 for another on-line class.  No social in-person networking events to get in the way of your evening workout. Or maybe just taking a break from all of the after-school kid-chauffeuring has allowed you to work out while the kids just stay home. 

Okay, that last one is one of benefits I’ve been enjoying during this past year. I mean, part of me knows my kids miss the gymnastics and karate and the soccer….but there’s a huge part of me who is not ready to go back to that part of non-COVID life.  

When I worked as an attorney in an office, I remember thinking how much I wanted a home-office job.  I remember thinking how I’d be able to fit more workouts in and not have to worry about the showering, grooming and being at my desk with co-workers at scheduled times.

For many of us, COVID and office shut-downs made this a reality.  We get to workout extra long in the morning without worrying about being ready, showered and at our desk at a certain time.  We can sneak off the work Slack channel for a 2:00 run or on-line workout. There’s no after-hours networking events to get in they way of the evening class.

We get to stay home and work out. 

But at some point soon, life will resume.

Most people are joking about the “COVID 15.”
They’ve gained weight.
But not you.
This break from all responsibilities was heaven.
For you, COVID meant you had time for three workouts a day.
For your perfect meal plan.
For an extra HIIT workout from one of your many online workout subscriptions.

But life will soon resume.

You’ll go back to the office.

You will need to be showered, dressed and out the door by a certain time.

You’ll drive the commute and sit at your desk.

You may have to work late some nights

Or the kids’ after school demands may return.

When the thought of returning to normal comes to your mind, do you first think about your workouts?

When will you fit them in? When you can’t sneak in the 2 or maybe 3 workouts every day? When you can’t wear your workout clothes to your home desk? When you can’t manage your perfectly planned meal plan from home?

Does the thought of returning to normal make you feel a little anxious? Is it making you contemplate quitting your desk job? Find another work-from-home job or something in the fitness industry?  Something that will let you fit those multiple daily workouts back in?

Listen, there’s many good reasons to leave a good job, but not just so that you can fit in your workouts?  Trust me.  I did that. It doesn’t work.

What if between now and the return to the office you could work on DECREASING the amount of time you need to exercise, bring it back to healthy level, and still maintain the RESULTS you’ve worked hard for.

Quitting your job and losing your income is not the answer.  Learning to deal with your exercise addiction so that you can easily slide back into life is.

I help women stop over-exercising without gaining weight.  Reach out.  I can help.

Between now and then, I can show you how to stop the over-exercising cycle and be ready to get back to your life.

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